1800specs' mission is to make corrective eyewear affordable for everyone, everywhere. In the United States, that means exposing the outrageous practice of marking up eyeglasses as much as 1000%. We offer prescription eyeglasses for as little as $20, a reasonable price for a basic necessity. As galling as it is that eyeglasses in the US are so overpriced, the problem in much of the world is much more desperate. About ONE BILLION people in the world have no way to obtain affordable eyeglasses. As anyone who wears eyeglasses knows, they are essential to day to day life. If you can't see properly it is difficult or impossible to work, to cook, to read or perform any of the myriad tasks we need to accomplish in order to earn a living and live a full life. Because we believe that charity starts at home, we've partnered with which provides new reading eyeglasses and sunglasses (which help prevent cataracts and ptyergia, as well as protect eyes from dust and smoke) at a nominal charge to groups going to developing countries and domestic groups serving the underprivileged right here in the US. Since 2003, Restoring Vision has supplied over 1,300,000 eyeglasses to people in 75 countries around the world and have worked with over 300 different groups. For every pair that we sell, 1800specs donates funds to provide a pair of eyeglasses through Restoring Vision.

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